Geotargeting : Search Engine Optimization for Reaching The Local Market


52% of searches for local information take place on mobile devices while commuting or away from home or work

Geography is one of the most important factors when creating customized content and geographically targeted marketing campaigns.

Effectiveness of geo-targeting is increasing by the day as the amount of mobile internet use increases and with ever evolving indexing algorithms of the search engines, location data becomes more accurate and available. New data released by The Local Search Association (LSA) shows that the mobile devices surpassed PC use in search queries for local businesses and services and the majority of searches (52%) for local information take place on the mobile devices while commuting or away from home or work.

Geotargeting doesn’t always mean you have to capture where someone is physically located. Consumer intent is conveyed all the time by search queries, and location is a commonly included term. Consumers often narrow their own searches by adding in the name of a city or district.

Taking Advantage Of Geographic Specific Landmarks and Events

Geotargeting MontrealGeographic specific landmarks and events like traditional local holiday celebrations, can be used to target consumers. Some events and their locations are known in advance, like Montreal Jazz Festival or Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in New York City are great examples to be taken advantage of in terms of geotargeting.

For example, a clothing store in close proximity to the Jazz Festival in Montreal may target consumers with content promoting novelty t-shirts. In essence, while these events will spike demand for particular items, proximity of the merchant to a landmark in content can drive the customers to your business and help you boost your sales.

In summary, these are but a few of the examples of how geography plays such an important part in creating customized and targeted marketing campaigns. Consumers respond better to relevant marketing which means that ROI of targeted campaigns will increase. Mobile consumers make geography one of the best ways to target while technology and data make doing so a real advantage to those who use it. Sometimes it takes a little creativity, but it is worth the effort. Especially for the business of local.


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