What are the advantages of Content Marketing ?

Content marketing allows businesses to leverage their expertise in their field and stand out from their competition. Besides being cost effective method of marketing, content marketing provides a value to potential clients which can rapidly turn into a loyal relationships.

Another benefit of  content marketing is, it does create a brand loyalty, establishes a business as a trusted industry resource, and helps customers to make informed buying decision

Content marketing also helps you rebrand your business as it evolves. Consistently delivering fresh content helps your brand keep up with changing leadership, shifting business strategies, as well as to inform customers about your business’es newly added products and services .

Effective content marketing requires creativity and a well-designed content strategy. A good content marketing strategy helps ensure that all pieces of content are in line with the business model, while making sure content is planned with profitable results in mind.

Content Marketing Goals

Engagement 91%
Lead Generation 85%
Brand Awareness 84%
Sales 77%
Customer Loyalty 73%
Upsell / Cross-Sell 57%

Content Marketing and Economical Sense


Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads.

Allocating a marketing budget and time into content marketing will reduce your overall costs, while increasing your lead generation by 3 folds more than what you’d have gotten with native or traditional advertising.

It’s financially makes sense for balancing your content marketing and traditional advertising budgets. Traditional marketing can get you leads and customers, but it can’t nurture them.

A lot of companies and brands know that content marketing can help them achieve their goals (e.g., brand visibility and lead generation) and nurture the leads at the same time.

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